05 February, 2015

Harder but easier

Today was Level 2 vinyasa with Zak.

Yesterday's class was a Level 1.5 "Creative Flow" and today's was a Level 2. It's true that both were difficult, but I found today's to actually be a bit easier for me. Not sure why that was, but I would not rule out the possibility that my mind was quieter, and more present, so I wasn't fighting the time and the practice as much.

I'm a front-row person, but a week or so ago, I noticed that there's a digital clock near the front of the room that is pointing sideways across for the teacher to see. It's small, but from the front row, I can see it. It's distracting. And it's hard not to look at something when you know it's there. I don't like knowing how much time is left, because it starts my mind focusing on the counting. If I know it's 6:40 then I know there's only 20 minutes left and it spirals me into "expectation-thinking." So I think the solution will be that I may need to move away from the front row. It's probably a good idea to have different perspectives in the room than always the same spot.

Today's class did a lot of the mandala sequences, which I actually like, even though very long flows can be intimidating when you finish 10 minutes of one side, and know that it's all going to happen again on the other side. But they're interesting, and often (at least on the first side) unpredictable. I guess variety is interesting. But we knew that already.

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