08 February, 2015

Different versions of hard

Today was vinyasa with Michelle at Urban Yoga Spa.

It wasn't a very difficult class, but it felt very taxing, and it was because the humidity in the studio was near 100% and the temperature over 100 degrees. I can tell the difference between "the poses are killing me" versus "the environment is killing me" and still can't understand what the benefit is of the former. But I wanted to go to this class so I could have a 1 hour instead of a 90 minute. That may not be a great choice. I may need to just accept that this is not the place where I'll get what I came for. The letting go may be letting go of my 17 passes remaining, or gift them to somebody, because it makes no sense to keep eating from the all-you-can-eat buffet if I don't like the food.

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