29 January, 2015

Too interesting to bother getting tired

Today was vinyasa with Zak.

A level 2 class, and that means unusual sequences, interesting, challenging, but engaging. Not your garden variety Baptiste flow, in any sense of the imagination. The class may have been physically less demanding than yesterday's because there were fewer Chaturanga sequences, but there were many stretching poses, and things I've never done before. So, I expect once again I will be very sore tomorrow, as I was today from last night's class.

There are teaching styles that engage me to the point that I become almost obedient... like I couldn't imagine not following the instructions, no matter how difficult or intricate. And there are teaching styles where I check right out and spiral into my head (but we aren't complaining anymore, right?).

Zak is just amazing.

Life won't always be as enticing as a Zak class. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it and seek it out whenever possible.

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