23 January, 2015

Right side, low lunge

Today was vinyasa with Chelle.

For my sake, I was thankful that, at no point during the class did she utter the words "Right side, low lunge," or "Right side, crescent lunge," or "Right side, lizard pose," or any other variant thereof. The reason for this is that I tried curling today at a team event at work. For those of you who have curled, you probably catch my drift, but if you haven't, the sport pretty much consists of being somewhere between low lunge and lizard pose on every throw, while sliding along the ice to launch a 42-pound stone. So I was really fatigued and sore, and only on one side (since I'm left-handed, that means it was always "Right side, low lunge").

It was a great class, and it was also my first time making it into the studio in a few days, since Monday, in fact. And it was the first time that I have taken two consecutive days off in I don't know how long... weeks? Months?

The class was surprisingly gentle for a power vinyasa class, and I am definitely thankful for that.

It's been an up and down week of emotions. In the past 5 days, I've traveled to California to meet a new team, put my old house for sale, attended a team event that was pretty intense and, oh yeah, lost my cat (but we found him). It was one of those weeks that pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and I flexed, adapted, bent, broke, you name it. I did a little bit of everything. But what I am proud to have done was to have grown, and to have kept returning to center, even when I drifted astray. It's hard. When things get hard, I often find myself getting into an evasive mindset that leads me to want to jettison everything: the good, the bad, the unknown. Get rid of it all! But these feelings don't last forever, no matter how real they seem in the moment.

That's got to be a lot like yoga.

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