04 January, 2015

One big distraction

Today was vinyasa with Jodi Boone.

I had kind of expected that today's class, though 90 minutes, would be on the mellower side. I don't know what gave me that idea. Maybe because I'd never taken a class with Jodi before, and I knew that she might teach one of the gentler classes? Though I may be wrong about that as well.

In any case, it was intense, and I spent the entire class distracted at a low level by the things that were on my mind before I came to practice. I have to say, in some ways, being distracted by one specific thing is less of a distraction than being generically distracted by whatever wanders through my mind. At least with one big distraction, it's easy to stay focused on that distraction, and that's almost like being present. Heh. Presence via singleminded absence. There's a new concept.

The flow was a little bit different from the standard, hence the class being called a "Creative Flow." I think the time passed reasonably fast, even for 90 minutes, and it wasn't overly hot.

Regarding the distraction. Well, I won't go into it, other than to say that the issue has to do with letting go. I recognized myself unwilling to let go. I knew that what I needed to be willing to do is let go of the thought... let go of the frustration... let go of control of all my situations. And it's hard when I really don't want to let go. There's a child inside of us (me) that seems quite resistant to reeducation.

That's why there's a good reason for practice every day.

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