11 January, 2015

Home practice: Version 2

Today was home practice.

Bedroom practice. Fortunately, today's football game was not quite as loud as yesterday's because my father opted to watch the television in the kitchen during the time that I practiced.

Yesterday I did a fairly energizing practice in the traditional Baptiste flow, with all the usual poses. So today I decided it would be more of the focus on grounding, stretching, lots of deeper poses, but fewer Chaturangas. It was by design, but probably also what my body was asking for.

I find when I'm not actively finding excuses to abbreviate or rush, the basic sequence of whatever I decide to do takes about 40-50 minutes, which is a good length for the home practice, I think. I could easily make it be longer, and know what and where to add, but I feel reasonably complete at that point. Before this recent reinvigoration of my practice, I was skimping down to 25-30 minutes, and it was truly conscious omission. It's not like "I have had enough yoga," but more a case of "I think I can get away with not doing any more yoga." There's a shift.

The home visit is good. I think I've only been particularly unpleasant to my father once :)

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