08 January, 2015

Hard... real hard

Today was vinyasa with Zak.

This was a Level 2 class, and it was one of the occasions where there was a clear difference in difficulty between this and the Level 1 classes. There were many creative sequences, and many long holds, and few rests. The crowd was smaller than yesterday, for which I was thankful.

I do the best I can in such a class, in terms of maintaining focus and not getting discouraged when fatigue sets in. And also making sure that I stay in "my practice" regardless of whether I need to modify. No checking out. No giving up.

Pretty happy with the shift that has occurred with me coming to classes more. It's strange how I went through a phase where I thought I might be done with regular studio practices, but now I feel that it's very important for me to go there. Not sure if it was that I am just following what I need at different times, or if I had a lapse in my commitment. It's hard to know, and it probably doesn't matter which it was. Now I am here.

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