19 January, 2015

Getting to know you

Today was vinyasa with Tara Dyberg.

Tara was one of the few instructors at Shakti whose class I hadn't yet taken, so I'd been looking forward to what it might be like. I like to have a good sense of all the instructor's styles so that I can plan my class schedule during the week, since it really does matter who the instructor is. And, as you all know, it's not just that there are "good instructors" and "bad instructors." Different styles and energies work better for different days.

I'm reflecting back on this class, which was actually now about a week ago since I failed to do my yoga blogging this week, so my memory is foggy as to how I felt. But I do recall that this was a class with a lot of instructions. There are teachers who say more and teachers who say less. And sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is less. And sometimes more is more. It kind of depends. But I found myself having a little difficulty staying with the flow today because I was doing a lot of anticipating, and often guessing incorrectly. That happens some days. I think I felt a little bit rushed in the class because I knew I'd be going to the airport to fly to California later. That can make it difficult for me to just be in the moment. So I think I should give the class another go (or two).

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