17 January, 2015


Today was vinyasa with Ben Grieshaber at Shakti.

There are times where my mind wanders in class because I am worrying about what pose will come next, or dreading what I know is coming next, or thinking about what I will do after class. Those types of anticipation I am trying to address. Today's anticipation came via a different variety. For some reason, the cadence of Ben's instruction seems to find me anticipating transitions when they're not imminent. It's almost like when the quarterback in a football game plays around with the snap count to try to draw the defense offsides. And several times during today's class, I received 5 yard penalties (I'm trying to throw in some football metaphors, in honor of this weekend's playoffs).

So I found myself thrown off a bit, and that led to some frustration, and probably exacerbated my sense of fatigue. But it's all part of the practice. During class, I thought about whether or not I wanted to talk with him after class about the timing of the instruction, but I decided that I should wait and see how I feel about it next time, or the time after that, or the time after that, or never. Not really sure.

I expected it to be difficult to go back to hot yoga after a week away and it was, indeed.

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