07 January, 2015

40 Days to Personal... Space

Today was vinyasa with Zak.

Just when I'd come to be pleased and contented with the relative space and peace of Shakti and it's relatively sparse classes, we now have 40 Days To Personal Revolution. The result, along with all the New Year's Resolutions, is that there were about 70 people in class yesterday. We were mat to mat, with little room to move, starting late, with people shuffling in after class started, and little noises and disruptions. Everyone's gonna get their yoga on. But that's the way it goes. In 40 days, it will likely be back to the peaceful surroundings. In the meantime, I shall endure!

Zak taught a great, if extremely challenging class. My body was really burning. Not from the heat in the room, but from the intensity.

But I must be getting stronger with all this yoga, right?

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