10 December, 2014

To-do lists

Today was home practice.

It was a reasonably garden-variety practice, with Baptiste flow, maybe 30-35 minutes. I am surprised how much I felt the effects of yesterday's class. Though it was a gentle flow, I felt sore in places I normally do not, probably due to how deep we went.

This week I was trying to find a decent to-do list app. Because there are lots of to-dos when one moves to a new house. Rather, an old house. And, as you all know, the to-dos are wont to creep into the mind when on the yoga mat. As soon as we take away the noisy distractions of the day, to the calm of the mat, we create our own simulated noise with the to-do lists. Practicing in an old house, it's easy to get caught up in them, because looking around the room I can see them... need the quarter-round moldings for the floors... wonder if I could do those myself? would need a miter saw... would need to do a good job on the corners... maybe it's better to let someone else do it... need to buy weather-stripping for the front door, since the heat keeps coming on every 10 minutes... need to deal with the earth-to-wood contact around the exterior of the house since it's raining so much... and how much gravel would we need, anyway, to do that? Will we need to have it delivered? Or could we just get it in my car?

Those are the lists. And there will always be lists. It doesn't matter whether it's an old house or a new house or a red house or a blue house or a cardboard box. There will always be things to take the mind away from the boring simplicity of the breath and the body.

But, nonetheless, we practice.

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