24 December, 2014

The long awaited Lisa Black yoga class

Today was vinyasa with Lisa Black, at Shakti Vinyasa.

I started practicing yoga a little over 3 years ago. It's hard to believe that much time has passed. Ever since I first practiced, I would hear the more experienced yogis and instructors around town mention the name Lisa Black, since she was the one who pioneered "Power Yoga" in Seattle back in 2003 (I learned this when chatting with her after class today). Shakti Vinyasa, in Ballard, was the first studio of its kind in the area, and it set the stage for what is now a rather extensive network of such studios.

I'd never before gone to Shakti because it was out of my way, so I'd never taken her class, even though it was always here for the taking. But I had always been curious to experience the teaching of someone whose name is, in Seattle yoga anyway, almost as well-known as Baron Baptiste himself.

So today, being a holiday, offered me the chance to attend her noon class (the only one she currently teaches in the Seattle studio). It was the most crowded class I've taken yet at Shakti, but it was still not very crowded compared to what I routinely experienced at other studios I've frequented. There were about 30 students in class.

The class was great. The class was difficult. And the class was very much what I would hope for and expect from someone who has earned the reputation she has earned. Her teaching is essential, without unnecessary words and banter. And her tone and encouragement made me want to do even the things that I didn't really feel like doing (but not Wheel, since I'm still nursing the sore wrists!).

Looking forward to more of this studio, and to experiencing the other teachers.

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