05 December, 2014

More things come to a close

Today was vinyasa with Ara Gibson, at Live Love Flow.

I have 2 days left on my 10-class pass at the studio. But I have only 1 night left of living in the neighborhood. I suppose I'll find a way to use up those last two classes, and it wouldn't be a crisis if I never do. I still have who-knows-how-many classes on a pass at Urban Yoga Spa that I could use, or maybe it's expired? I don't know.

It was a 75 minute class, and it was hot yoga, but it was not too much. The intensity was not overwhelming. She actually was pretty easy on us as things turned out.

It occurred to me this weekend that I have become a part of communities, and then departed those communities several times now. It's something about "belonging." Not sure what it is. I toy with the idea of belonging, but then I ultimately withdraw from it. It's not that I don't want connection, because I do. But I think that the connections that persist for me tend to be one-to-one, not one-to-many. The curiosity, I suppose, is why I keep toying with the idea of community. Almost like looking for a religion but repeatedly deciding against.

I never really became a part of the Live Love Flow community. I am not sure if there is one. I've never felt like it. There was something much more family-like at Urban and at Be Luminous.

What will be my next dabbling with community?

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