07 December, 2014

Letting go means letting go

Today was home practice.

A thought popped into my head today. Before I could edit it, I acted on it. And it was moderately innocuous. Nonetheless, it stirred up the mud at the bottom of the river, and now the snow globe is snowing. Light snow, no accumulation, set to taper by morning. But it was still an act that came from not thinking things through and not letting go fully of things. That's where the head is right now.

I missed a few days of writing, which I must backfill to get things up to date. That may be part of why these things happen. But maybe not.

Today was a very stiff day. My wrists hurt a lot, probably from the Friday class I haven't told you about yet. And my right hip was very stiff. I decided to do a very short, mellow class, focused on nothing but what my body needed. Low back extension, side bends, some hamstring opening, hip opening. Not much else. There was limited time since we just moved. But it was necessary to hold that commitment to myself to do the practice today, even if abbreviated.

There are things one must keep as commitments.

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  1. Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.