31 December, 2014

Last class of the year

Today was vinyasa with Cobey Mandarino at Shakti.

The last class of 2014. I believe I kept up my writing this year, as compared to 2013 when I had a big lull of not making any yoga blog entries. Strangely, that feels like it was this year, but the archive suggests otherwise. There was a lot of travel, and a lot of home practice.

But if you can believe the numbers, it looks like I did about 231 classes (since today's wasn't included in the count). That's an average of 4-5 days per week. Not too shabby.

Today's class with Cobey was great. In fact, the last 3 classes I've taken have been great. I've found myself more willing and able to focus and do the practice than I have in a long time. Not sure what's different about me? The studio? I wouldn't say that I'm particularly positive these days, in my usual holiday funk, but there's something to be said...

So what will 2015 look like?

Living in a new place, and working on new projects at work. Lots has changed, and I guess that's the norm for me. Varying degrees of constant change. I hesitate to look at the list above and say that I should be doing more yoga than I did. But I would like to be doing better yoga than I did for some of this year. I don't think my practice is presently at its strongest. Well, actually, in the immediate recent past, it's been great. But this year it took a bit of a backseat to all the travel. I'll probably be traveling less, or at least less extremely in 2015.

Okay. Enough philosophizing about future and past.

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