04 December, 2014

Filling in the blanks #2

Today was a home practice.

I did it without videos or anything. A basic Baptiste-like flow. Probably about 40 minutes. It was a few days ago now, and I can't remember it, actually, so all I can tell you is that I did it. The failure to write about it that night reflects the degree to which we have been busy getting ready for "The Big Move" to happen on Saturday. But that's not a good excuse, I don't think. There is always 5 minutes to keep a commitment to oneself and make it a real commitment. Now, I write 3 days later, and I have no recollection of what I felt in that moment. I can tell you a ton about what I feel now, but that's not what the purpose of this blog is.

It's a bit absurd to chastise myself here, but we're being honest.

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