26 November, 2014

Very peaceful in times of turmoil

Today was home practice with Sophie Lühr-Tanck.

Today I got the keys to the new place. I went into the house for the first time with the staging furniture gone. Empty. Clean slate. Mine. Ours. It was weird finally seeing it as the blank canvas that will gradually become ours, since right now, though it's ours, it feels like no one's. I walked around every room, opened every cabinet and door, looked in every corner, tried nearly every appliance, explored things that were (well)-hidden by the staging furniture that had occupied the floor space when we had visited the home all previous times. For a moment I thought about how this may be somewhere that I live for a very long time. For now, it feels foreign, but someday I will know all of its quirks, and I will have taken true ownership through choices, labor, mistakes... time. It's weird to be able to look at it now, and know that it holds that future, presently unknown, but will unfold before us.

Tonight's practice was with another new YouTube find. An instructor in Netherlands. Very calming, and very peaceful. It wasn't particularly high exertion. On a day like today, I am fine with being grounded through calm words.

Even as I found it relaxing, my mind started wandering to the contractor that I need to text back about a project, and to the neighbors here in my old place that I need to email about landscaping. There are many things happening. From there, my mind started to worry about how will I get all my work done, since things will be getting busy soon at work.

But it will all get done. It will all unfold.

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