03 November, 2014

Too long ago to remember (and it wasn't even that long)

Today (Monday) was home practice.

Getting ready to go on a trip to San Francisco this afternoon. It's not that easy for me to focus when I do home practice the day of a flight. It's a lot easier to do it with the discipline of a studio. When I do it at home, I always wait until the last minute, and I always have my mind racing on a million things to do with the trip, the preparation for the trip, whatever else is going on here that I will be leaving behind.

What I remember about today's practice was that I did it with our new kitty roaming the house, and he was very interested in going in circles around me while I did my downward dogs and such. He didn't actually climb on me, which I thought he might do, but he was right in there, and I had to make sure not to kick him (and I didn't).

It's off to SF for a few days to do work and see old friends.

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