05 November, 2014

Sporadic practice this week

Today was hotel practice in SF.

I didn't do yoga last night because I went out for dinner with a friend right after work. So tonight, even though I was very tired and haven't been sleeping well (very loud at the hotel in Union Square), I did the yoga. It was maybe 30 minutes? Maybe less? But I did it, and it was a reasonable practice. I am feeling a lot of stiffness in my hip flexors lately. It was also deep in my hip joints, but I think that's getting a hair better. Not sure why the hip flexor stiffness, though I did recently decide to start using only the stairs at work instead of elevator, so perhaps there's a connection there?

The house purchasing process, second time around, is slightly less nerve-wracking than the first time. I'm being a little more realistic, a little more zen, and a little less married to fantasizing and hopes. I want to live in this place, but I am resisting "picturing what my life is going to be like" because I think that's what made the last one so difficult to release.

Life is a lesson.

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