23 November, 2014

Plié ftw

Today was home practice with Ali Kamenova.

For some reason I thought that a class named "Moon Flow" would involve something mellow and grounding, or moon salutations. But no. Ali Kamenova's version of a moon flow involves about 50 plié squats. I didn't even know that this was a yoga pose. Anyway, the upside is that I got a pretty intense leg workout that I had not anticipated.

Even though I didn't really feel like head was in the game, and it was tough to maintain a good breath with the intensity of the class, I found myself softening and letting go in some small ways. Actually, maybe I am lying. Maybe what I did was decided that it would be better for me to let go of something I have been holding, because of the consequences I risk experiencing if I am not willing to let go. I said something the other day about how karma has a way of taking care of unfinished business. People thought it was funny and clever when I said it. But really, what I've been doing is a thinly veiled version of trying to exact "revenge" of sorts. That's not karma. If anything, it's probably more likely to become karma right back at me. Or maybe there's no such thing as karma, at least in the sense of magical forces of nature. But there is a force that certainly does exist. And that involves the notion that the energy I choose to create will engulf me as well as everything around me. If that energy is negative and resentful, then I am choosing to live in that energy. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, and I am not the judge with the right to decide how others should behave.

So, I will try, once again, to let go.

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