09 November, 2014

Lightheaded and fried

Today was vinyasa with Amanda Sorensen at Live Love Flow.

Yep. That's right. It's been too long with all the home practices. While it's a very valuable tool to have in the toolkit, it's also very good to go to classes where I'm pushed beyond my desired limit, and for a longer period of time than I tend to discipline myself to do at home.

Today's class was 60 minutes of vinyasa plus 20 minutes of restorative meditation. My body definitely noticed the difference between 55-60 minutes of flow versus 25-30 minutes. And my body also definitely noticed the heat. God, the heat. I didn't even sweat that much, because it wasn't even a particularly hot class, compared to many in memory. But that heat made my muscles really fatigue.

This was my first time taking Mandy's class. She was substituting for Alice. She's a very good teacher. She's essential and deliberate, with an even-paced flow. She definitely adhered to the Live Love Flow methodology, which must have come from Jaime, I'm guessing? (open twists, low-flying chairs, bringing hands back to heart center at the end of each sun salutation -- distinctly non-Baptiste moves).

It was good. And it reminded me why I do need to create a space for this practice with a guide, at least a couple of times a week.

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