28 November, 2014

Letting yourself

Today was home practice with Valerie Goodman.

This was a very mellow class with another online instructor through the eFit30 channel on YouTube. Gentle Yoga with a Southern drawl. Pretty good relaxing class. The instructor used the phrase "Letting yourself..." at least 100 times in the 30 minute class. At first, my mind was thinking "Does she realize how much she's saying this?" but it turned out to be a kind of meditative thing, not so bad.

Today we decided not to move today. The plan had been to rent a truck and move ourselves. But the weather had been looking really bad. After barely sleeping all night, listening to the rain beat down on the roof, I decided that it didn't make sense to do it today. But it required me to let go of the plan that I had. Turns out this is a better plan anyway. We move a week later, have time to get some things done and ready in the new place, pack some more, etc. Not feel rushed. And we also decided to hire movers instead of do it ourselves. Why destroy my feeble (yogi) back doing something that others could do faster and more easily.

There was a moment of clinging to "The Plan" and wondering if I was being stupid to not just go through with "The Plan" the way it was. But as soon as we made the decision, I felt better, less anxious, more relaxed.

Letting yourself let go of plans, and listen to your body.

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