18 November, 2014

I forgot how long 60 minutes can be

Today was vinyasa with Alice at Live Love Flow.

Alice is tough, and it was a heated class, but I told myself "How bad could 60 minutes be?" I guess I have forgotten how difficult it can be. There are some teachers who treat an hour class as just a shorter class, into which you fit whatever fits naturally into an hour. Alice seems to take it as "We've only got an hour, so get ready, here it comes!" I knew this at one time. But I must have forgotten it. The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Well, I survived, but it was messy. Some of the long sequences had my legs burning so badly I could barely stand. And something about that studio is very dry, which means that the yoga towel on the mat is not very grippy. There's enough moisture in most studios that one gets good traction. Not there. So I eventually had to roll up my towel off the mat to get my back foot to feel safely planted. The last thing I want to happen is a pulled muscle from fatigue plus equipment failure.

Much like everything, this class came to an end, and I was glad that I did it.

But now the days are winding down for me in the Central District. It's not certain exactly how many are left, but could be as few as 7 or 8 days. So I will use my 3 remaining class passes and then may not visit Live Love Flow again. It isn't because I haven't enjoyed a lot of classes there, but mostly because life will be on the other side of town, which will be almost like a new town altogether.

Change is constant.

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