11 November, 2014

Feeling the aftereffects

Today was home practice.

Definitely felt the effects of doing a longer, more intense practice, plus the heat. I was sore in places I hadn't been sore in a long time. The muscle aches were almost as if I'd done some other type of exercise that was unfamiliar to my body. That says something about the difference in intensity between the home practice and one in a heated studio.

I decided to do tonight's practice with my eyes closed, for as long as I could. I did the standard Baptiste flow, with some minor modifications early on. It is extremely difficult for me to get into Crescent Lunge with no visual cues. The balance is not good. And it's noticeably worse on one side than the other (worse when my left leg is forward). It was almost not possible to get into it, and was wobbly even at its best. Eagle pose was virtually impossible. Tree pose virtually impossible. I tried. I really did. But my balance without sight was not solid enough and I had to keep stepping in and out of it. The intriguing thing was that after I had finished with the "balancing" poses, I took a long stride backward to go into Triangle, and instead of my foot landing on a yoga mat, my foot hit a box! I was thinking "Where is there a box? Why is there a box?!" So I felt around a bit to see where the mat was, and still didn't find the mat with the back leg! It finally was time that I need to open my eyes, having not even opened them a crack before that moment. And I was shocked to discover that during the balancing poses, all of my wobbling must have resulted it me making a half turn to the left! I was facing perpendicular to the length of my yoga mat. I had no idea that I'd turned at all, but I'd turned about as extremely as one can turn, in terms of available yoga mat for practicing. It was weird to think how much vision plays the role in our perception of where we are. I had no clue.

I could have elected to keep my eyes closed for the remainder of practice after that, but I decided that was enough, and did the floor portion of things the normal way.

It doesn't surprise me that wobbly balance would rotate me. What surprised me was how odd it felt to discover that I was not where I thought I was.

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