20 October, 2014

Trying to keep the practice going through trying times too

Home practice.

This week has been a bit crazy with going through the process of buying a home. I'm writing this blog about a class from 3 days ago, so the moment is kind of lost. In fact, the home I was in the middle of buying fell through because of things you can read about in a different blog entry (Thursday's entry). It is a time to try to stay centered and calm, but I am not sure that I really did. I think I hastily moved forward on a decision because I got caught up in the excitement, and lost my center. I didn't practice over the weekend, which is not a crisis, but I usually try to practice.

I don't know what else to say about the past. I can't recapture whatever I was feeling 3 days ago. It was radically different from what I feel now, so the best thing would be for me to practice tonight and then write what I'm feeling now, don't you think?

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