31 October, 2014

Starting again?

Today (last night) was home practice... again.

It was a standard Baptiste flow, with an emphasis on keeping the tempo up a bit to try to get a little heat going. Mission accomplished.

So, in other news, even though we hadn't seriously considered going right back out and looking at houses again, we decided to do it. We saw a couple of places today, and liked another one. It's possible, again, that we'll make an offer. It's a better house, in a better neighborhood, though not as close to all the action. I guess my intention to move forward must be stronger than I thought, since here I am doing it. It's hard not to get hopes, because to make the decision about buying a place, you pretty much have to picture yourself in it, and picture your life in the neighborhood. By definition, you're imagining that future, which is the essence of "hoping." So it means that one must become good at going there, and then being willing to let go if it isn't right.

I suppose it's a good form of practice. We learned lessons from the last round, and my eye is with higher scrutiny than before.

So here we go again. We'll see if this one launches, or if it's letting go again too.

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