05 October, 2014

Practice in action, and letting go

Today will be home practice with Ali Kamenova video.

Not sure which one, since I haven't done the practice yet, but wanted to share what's been on my mind for today, as it relates to what we strive toward in our practice: being okay with what is... letting go... non-attachment... There are lots of different ways of saying it.

Decided recently that perhaps we'd move forward with looking for a new home in another part of town. Today was the first day going out to look at houses. I've done this before. For any of you who have, you know that it's a mixed bag. Sometimes you see lots of garbage, sometimes you see lots of great things that are wrong in one small way or another, or are out of the price range. I didn't expect that we'd even see anything worth nothing on this first day out. But as it happens, we saw "the perfect house." It had an amazing fenced yard with beautiful landscaping. It was in a great part of Ballard on a quiet beautiful street. The interior was exactly what we wanted, with the right amount of space -- not too much, not too little. And the price was better than we could have imagined, even with the knowledge that we'd likely need to go over the asking price to get it.

We actually thought, "Wow... we could actually make an offer on this!"

So our realtor contacted the listing agent, and it turned out that the place sold last night, after only 1 day on the market, and that it sold for a little over the asking price. One of those things where maybe, just maybe, had we been a day earlier, that might have been our house. There are a lot of other reasons why it might not have happened, but one can see the possibility.

In the past, I might have become super-bummed about this. And, of course, it is a small disappointment. But it was never ours. I choose to take it as an encouraging sign that, if we found something that fit our interests that quickly, we'll find something else. This was not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And it was never ours to have.

It's good to remember that, and I think that the practice helps one be alright with these things much more fluidly. The pose is over.

With that, it's time to start the actual practice...

It was a little bit of an unsteady practice today because she did a lot of Level 2+ moves, most of which I modified or skipped. But it was still decent, and continued to feel good doing the home practice. 

I guess I have a lot less to say about what happened on the mat than off the mat.

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