26 October, 2014

Not a morning body

Today was home practice.

It was 9am but my body felt like it was 6am due to the time difference to Boston. My body felt extremely uncooperative probably also from stiffening during my flight yesterday. Everything was tight and heavy. Especially my upper back and hamstrings. I did the best I could and kept it mellow. As I neared the end of the 30-35 minutes, things started to improve, and I felt a bit of movement coming back. But it was not pleasant.

I am still having a hard time letting go over the thing with the house.

Found out today that the house, which was back on the market, already has sold again. Surely, it has sold to yet another prospective buyer who is unaware of the construction that will be happening next year. It makes me angry, and I am not really sure why. I guess what makes me most upset is that I got my hopes up for something that was not real. I guess the strength of emotional responses is not based on absolutes, but on relatives. We were on a relative high because we thought we'd be moving to this new place, in this new neighborhood. Perhaps the lesson is to not get ones hopes up... but it's so difficult to not get excited about things. The challenge, then, it would seem, is to not resort to "reacting" and wanting to send that in others' direction when the consequences of a false hope come to roost. It's not really the seller's fault that I am unhappy. Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. They didn't tell me everything I should have known, but they didn't make me unhappy.

This is boring.

The point is to say that I am still trying to work through this...

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