13 October, 2014

New teacher, new studio

Today was vinyasa with Lia Hall at The Seattle Bouldering Project.

Lia is a friend whom I met through my girlfriend. I went to her wedding. It's the first time I have ever taken a yoga class with someone whom I met previously not through yoga. It's nice to see the face and hear the voice of a friend instructing.

The studio is kind of interesting because it's primarily catering to climbers, and the clientele in the room were distinctly different from the standard yoga class population. It was crowded, but not chaotic. The music was quiet. Lia's voice is calming and steady, much as it is in all other contexts where I have interacted with her. The class was quite difficult, with lots of Crescent Lunges.

It was interesting to be in a different place. My body didn't fully cooperate with the sequences, because it's tough for me to transition through some of the moves that were repeated. Warrior II to Crescent Lunge is one that I have difficulty with. It challenges my balance, and also is tough on the ankle where I have the continuing pain. But I did the best I could and focused on my breath.

Even without heat in the room, I sweated a lot. I guess I generate a lot of heat.


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