23 October, 2014

Moving forward

Today was home practice.

I already wrote my big long bit about what's been happening off the mat. Tonight I did a quick practice, even though I wasn't feeling excited to do it. Nothing hurts, but my mind is abuzz with continuing to process the events of the day. And I am (on top of that) getting ready to fly to Boston tomorrow for a week. I really wish things were slowing down, but they're actually going to busy over the coming months. Less busy than before, without an upcoming move and home sale. It still seems like a lot, which probably should make me realize just how much more I had coming than I really needed.

The practice was very short and very sweet. I did limited Baptiste series, about 30 minutes. I did my favorite poses, I won't lie. But some days, getting oneself to do only one's favorite poses may be better than no poses at all.

I am already moving forward. There may be slips backward, but the net motion is positive.

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