29 October, 2014

Low ceilings

Home practice.

The ceiling in the family room downstairs at my dad's house is low. So a sun salutation involves the fingertips brushing the ceiling. And I am not a tall person. It changes things a little bit though, not all in a bad way. It makes one arch backward, reaching back rather than only up. So there's a bit of a stretch of the Psoas muscle even in the sun salutation. There probably is always supposed to be this stretch, but it gets lost. The ceiling can prove helpful in things like Tree or Dancer Pose, when one needs something to help stabilize while getting into the pose.

Today I wanted to make sure that I actually worked up a sweat, since several of my recent practices have been lower energy, more about stretching. The focus was good, and I did an intense enough Baptiste flow to get the sweat going, even in a room that is on the cold side of room temperature.

Tomorrow I return to Seattle. It was a good visit here. I think I've created some drama with respect to my work situation, and the home purchasing situation. Things are not nearly as unstable or dramatic as they sometimes seem.

The real purpose of this visit was to see family. And life is about finding some sort of purpose. I had a moment the other night where I was seriously pondering the question of "Why are we even here? What am I even doing with my life? What is the purpose?" But the purpose was right in front of me. It's just that I was trying to find a purpose in every single thing I was doing. Sometimes it's enough to be serving one good purpose, even if we're going through some motions for some of the time.

It is delusional to believe that every moment will feel optimized.

It is an art to recognize that every moment already is.

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