26 October, 2014

Late is always better than early (and never)

Today was home practice.

I didn't start until around 11pm, but my body really doesn't seem to mind doing the yoga this late. Not a problem at all. It's painfully evident whether one is a morning person or a night person based on the yoga practice. I think I could do a power yoga class at 2am no problem. My energy is good once I'm awake, and I really don't fade or hit a wall. But I am a slow starter. I guess I get that from my mother. She would need to sit in darkness in the kitchen with her coffee for an hour before anyone else got up, so that she could have time to wake up alone without anyone speaking to her. I never understood how she could be such a monster in the morning, but I think I understand it better now.

And it's especially evident when I come home to visit, and I find myself needing to answer my father's morning questions. Nobody wants to answer questions in the morning. I don't even want to hear other people speaking in the morning, even if they're not speaking to me. This morning, I was getting coffee out of the machine at work, and there was someone else getting coffee, and they were in a conversation with one of their colleagues. The colleague was proudly not a coffee drinker anymore. And he was explaining in great detail how he gave up caffeine and has been feeling so much better since he stopped drinking coffee. The last thing anyone needs to hear when they're waiting for their coffee is someone else pontificating about their recovery from caffeine. I wanted to hit him over the head.

And that's why there is the yoga mat.

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