17 October, 2014

If you're only going to take one hot yoga class in a week...

Today was vinyasa at Be Luminous with Elizabeth.

It had been 8 days since my last hot yoga class. Actually, it's now been 7 more days as I write this, since I am behind on my blog entries. Last Friday, actually, is when I took her class. As you know, I've been shying away from the hot yoga. But this was a fantastic class. Deep, slow, focused, with great energy. It makes me want to keep going to classes with great teachers. But this past week I just haven't had the inclination to go to the studio.

I didn't have my yoga towel with me, so I ended up using one of the jade mats at the studio, knowing that my manduka would be way too slippery without a towel. But I had to try to convince myself not to sweat too much nonetheless. I am not sure that mind over matter really works when it comes to perspiration, but I did the best I could. Wearing a t-shirt helped.

I won't probably take a hot yoga class for another week, since I am headed to Boston. But you never know. Maybe I'll drop into a studio in town.

Otherwise it will be yoga at my father's house.

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