10 October, 2014

Going out of my way to not go to the studio

Today was another home practice.

I am doing my best not to get into thinking in absolutes, and saying "I am not doing any more hot yoga" because I am sure that I will, and this is a phase. But right now, my body and my brain are not enthusiastic about going to the hot studios. I could start rationalizing to you and giving you the thousand reasons I have given to you a thousand times before. But I don't need to justify it. Right now, I am doing what I want to do.

I may take a class on Monday with a friend who is a yoga teacher. I've never taken her class before, but thought it might be fun.

Today's practice was vinyasa, but on the slightly lighter side. No chair poses. Focused a little more on the stretching, since I am still quite sore from the Ali Kamenova video the other day.

This weekend is my birthday. I am not excited about birthdays, and generally deny myself and others the right to celebrate. I am not sure why I feel that way. Just don't like having attention drawn to myself. Except, obviously, in that I write blogs on the internet and desperately hope that millions of people (or five) will read them. So it's a weird kind of plea for attention. Remote attention. That's actually more apropos to my life than you can possibly imagine.

I'll celebrate my birthday by going to the Boeing Factory Tour, and then looking at some old WWII airplanes at a Paul Allen museum in Everett. That's the way I like to do things.

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