02 October, 2014

Almost back to normalish

Today was home practice.

I did a regular Baptiste kind of class today. At home. No videos. No frills. I even did Wheel pose, if you can believe, though it was pretty feeble, even for Mick Feeble, and my shoulders didn't have a whole lot of openness in them.

Even though I've been sick this week the energy was almost back to normal.

Trying to be okay with what is... speaking of the ongoing ambiguity with respect to my work situation. It has already been making me anxious, and then today I was told that there will be some sort of announcement to my team that will apparently affect us in a way that will require people to want to "discuss" it. Drama is the word of the year. And I have enough problems trying not to create it in my own head. When someone else gives me Drama Seeds, I have more than enough water to make them sprout.

So tonight I will go to sleep wondering what news tomorrow will bring. Last time this happened it was that my manager was quitting. It was less apocalyptic than I'd expected. This time, it probably won't be a manager quitting, since it's my new manager. But it could very well be finding out that I'll have a different manager, or that I'll be working on a different project. No telling, really.

Or maybe it will be nothing. Sure fun to worry about it though.

But there was no worrying on the mat, at least...

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