12 October, 2014

A year older, a day wiser...

Today was home practice.

I did a standard Baptiste series, abbreviated.

Yesterday was my birthday. I've been practicing yoga about 3 years now. It's hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. I regularly wonder if I have progressed in the practice, or just slid sideways after the rapid growth in the beginning. But I know that growth is more like tectonic shifts, not like weather patterns. Sometimes the body is advancing. Sometimes the mind is advancing. Sometimes things completely imperceptible are advancing.

I guess the big shift in this past year has been toward doing more and more of a home practice. That's a kind of growth, in that my discipline and commitment is no longer dependent on "Is there a class that I can take today?" It's changing my goals about my practice, and it will likely open me up to new teachers and new experiences. It has already opened me up to revisiting past teachers from whom I had learned much.

Things are always changing. I keep wondering if there will be a time where everything feels completely stable and "This is what life is." But I don't think it ever happens. Change is the one constant. I decided to practice so that I could be more present and find a kind of sustainable fitness.

The practice today was pretty good, though I did want for it to be finished. No particular reason, just a bit wanting to be done today.

Last night I had one of the worst headaches I can recall. It was bad enough that I didn't sleep in the bedroom, took 7 ibuprofen in about 3 hours (and yes, I know that's not a great idea, and no, it didn't get rid of the headache). I have no idea why I got the headache. It was not from alcohol. It was not from dehydration. It didn't feel like a tension headache. I have no idea what a migraine feels like, so I can't tell you if it was or not. I only know that I don't want to feel it again. When I woke at 4am, it was gone, and the last 4 hours of sleep were among the most wonderful hours I've experienced in a long time.

There's nothing as peaceful and contenting as the absence of recent pain.

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