19 September, 2014

Yet more home practice

Home practice again today, even though I am not traveling.

I don't miss the heat. I miss the teachers, because I like the teachers, but I don't miss the heat, or the crowd. And I also don't miss being told what to do, when it's things I don't want to do. I recognize there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Today I did a pretty intense, full Baptiste sequence (which, at this point, you can assume implies that I skipped things like Wheel and Fish, because I never do those). Longer than my usual home practice.

Even am contemplating whether it makes sense for me to continue spending $1000 a year on a yoga membership, because I don't know that I really need it. But then I start doing the math of how much it would cost if I only went 1-2x/week, and it still comes out to about $1000, so it's kind of a toss-up...

It troubles me a bit that I have so little to say these days. I don't know if that means I am lacking insights, not going deep, or maybe I just have less to say when I am not troubled. Or maybe I am just tired and don't feel like writing. I should at least be able to explain why it is that I am not the philosopher.

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