09 September, 2014

Tired and ready to come home

Today was hotel yoga. For the last time. For now.

I wasn't even so much exhausted as just... tired of the trip. Emotionally. Physically. I am ready to be home. Tonight was supposed to be a team dinner, and I am usually all about going to such things. But I couldn't imagine going to a group setting, in a loud place, and needing to be "on" for 2-3 hours. All I wanted to do was come back to the room and vegetate. I didn't even want to do yoga.

But I did.

It was a pretty mild practice, with not a lot of heavy lifting, so to speak. Spent a lot of time in just a couple of seated poses toward the end of the 30-35 minutes. And that was enough.

Tomorrow I go home.

Maybe Thursday will be Tina's class...

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