22 September, 2014

Mostly ready for the 90 minutes

Today was vinyasa with Michel at Be Luminous.

Figured I was rested enough, and missed Michel's class. Joked with her before class about how it's getting more and more difficult to allow someone to tell me what to do, but that I still miss my favorite teachers. So there's a balance there.

It was pretty reasonable class today, and I only eased up on a few things, but still 90 minutes is a long time, and it had me quite sore and dehydrated after.

Michel has two different kinds of energy that appear during class. Sometimes there's the exuberant, intense voice, pushing us to dig deep inside and work super-hard. Then there's the other voice, which is the quieter, super-contemplative voice that asks us to search inside and find something essential. It's the latter of those two voices that keeps me coming back, even on days where I'm not sure I can handle the difficulty of her classes.

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