17 September, 2014

Mellow yinny flow

Today was hotel yoga, with a focus on stretching.

The traveling, even when it's not very far, makes me tired. Today, I really felt like what I needed was to focus on stretches, and did not particularly have interest in warriors, or chairs, or pushups. So I didn't do any of those things. I focused on just about everything that involves stretching and not exerting.

In spite of the fact that I've continued practicing consistently through my travels, I feel like my hip flexors are ridiculously tight. It is hard to even get into a proper warrior pose these days. I don't know if traveling is tightening me up, or if something else is changing. Or, perhaps, the opening in those areas is significantly aided by the heated practice? Or maybe I haven't been doing enough practice, even though I practice regularly. These things I do not know.

And I may not.

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