04 September, 2014

Hardly could be called yoga, but I guess it was

Today was quite a feeble home practice, even for a feeble yogi.

I have been experiencing some trouble going to sleep lately, as often happens when I travel to Europe. Staying up later and later each night. I had many work meetings that carried into the night over video conference. I did not need to attend any of these, but chose to do so, probably related to my tendency toward sleep problems when traveling. My mind just gets busy and doesn't want to disconnect. It's a different environment, being away from home, away from my girlfriend, away from my regular routines.

I found myself having not done yoga yet, and it was 2:15am, but I had promised myself that under no circumstances would I skip two days in a row this time. So I practiced for a slow ~30 minutes. It was very focused on stretching, with probably some unusual and unconventional poses, because they were what felt good to my body. I was slow moving, tired, foggy, and sore. The one or two Chaturangas that I did were not feeling good. Sometimes when I don't get enough rest, I feel a pain in my elbow that could easily become a serious injury during Chaturanga. It never hurts unless I am tired. So I listened to that message and avoided them.

Probably it would have been better to skip the yoga. But I don't like letting myself off the hook, especially when I could have done the yoga at many earlier points in the evening.

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