12 September, 2014

Difficult questions

Today was vinyasa with Elizabeth at Be Luminous.

It's been a long, long, long time since I took her class. June 13th to be exact. Wow. That was definitely not by design. But my travel (extensive), and some of Elizabeth's schedule changes led to me not attending what would normally have been one of my go-to classes for the entire summer.

She likes to start the class by asking people to answer some simple question for the group. It's usually something that I can immediately answer, without even thinking. But this time, it was a difficult one. She asked us to describe a person in our lives that always makes us feel energized and good when we see them, and why that is the case. It was not something that immediately came to mind. I know there are a few people. They're mostly people that I don't get to see very often. I ended up arriving at a friend of mine that I used to work with. A guy who has similar way of seeing the world to me. The thing that makes me feel good when I see him is that's very validating to know that someone will understand what is important to you. I always feel like I am heard, and that my views, no matter how crazy they are, make sense to him. Maybe he's just really good at making people feel comfortable. But it's something I appreciate nonetheless.

The class was difficult, and I found myself skipping several things (Low Flying Chair -- because, as I have said before, that's not a real yoga pose). Still pretty tired and sore, and yesterday's first day back in the heat actually landed me feeling headachy and practically hung over this morning (it didn't help that I drank just a little wine after class last night).

At one point in the class, she had us do a rather strange sequence that began from a wide-legged straddle forward fold, and ended up in the makings of Bird Of Paradise. That's not a pose I have ever tried before. Normally, I would have completely ignored a request for us to take a variation into that pose. But the entry method she used was so interesting that I found myself going along with it, and actually trying it. It sort of goes to show you that, if you trust someone, you're more likely to do whatever they tell you to do.

I lost steam at the end of class, again, and let myself come down a little faster than the rest of the class did. It was 75 minute class, which feels long for me right now in the heat.

I think that's okay...

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