30 September, 2014

Company in the other room

Today. Home practice. Gentle.

Just what the doctor ordered. And the doctor was me.

I spent about an hour sitting at the computer, procrastinating, delaying the inevitable yoga that I had promised myself I would do. Today and yesterday I've had a bit of a cold, and really not feeling fantastic. Combine that with my entire body feeling like it went through a meat tenderizer (named Ali Kamenova), and the only option today was to do something very gentle. I was thinking "No Chaturangas, thank you."

So it was very much based on stretching the long muscles, opening up the sides, the hip flexors, the hamstrings, and keeping the practice mostly close to the ground. The only true standing poses I did were Warrior II, Side Angle, and Triangle, with everything else coming in the form of stretches starting from a Low Lunge.

It was actually a relatively long practice, and I found my breathing and my physical state improved quite a bit during the practice tonight, and my focus was not bad.

There was an opportunity to go out to dinner with some folks visiting work this week. But I really just wanted to come home and do the yoga and relax. I never used to be like that. I would always choose socializing over alone time. I think that, in some ways, having a significant other, especially when you live together, makes it a lot easier to thrive in down time or personal time. She's in the other room working on her projects. I'm in here writing, or doing yoga, or doing music. And I don't feel alone because company is right there within reach. I think that when there was no company within reach was when I would tend to grab at any chance to have connection. It's almost like a kind of hoarding of connection because I was afraid of being alone when I didn't want to be alone, so much that I would sometimes make myself be not alone, when I'd rather be alone. And that's paradoxical.

It's good to be okay with oneself.

And it's good to have company in the other room.

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