05 September, 2014

Coming back from the nadir of sleep deprivation

Today was hotel yoga.

Better than yesterday, where I hung on by a thread. Today was a day off from work. A retroactive Labor Day, decided upon this morning. Slept late. Had a relaxing day of wandering, relaxed and lounged some more (there may even have been a nap involved, if I recall correctly), and then I did a decent, moderate intensity vinyasa practice, pretty much following the Baptiste flow.

The energy definitely felt better than last night, and I was not experiencing pain in the joints, for sure.

I am not sure why I propel myself into these sleep deprivation modes when traveling. I don't think it's jet lag, because it becomes progressively worse after the first few days. Jet lag would be resolving itself. I think that when I am taken out of my normal environment, I do what is referred to in the mental health industry as "decompensation."

"decompensation (n): the failure to generate effective psychological coping mechanisms in response to stress, resulting in personality disturbance or disintegration"

It stands to reason. And my form of drifting is to refuse to go to sleep. I'm probably making it worse than it sounds. It's not like I stayed up for 72 hours straight.

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