11 September, 2014

Abrupt adjustments

Today was vinyasa at Be Luminous with Liandren.

It was my first time taking class with her, and I had thought it would be Tina's class. It was also my first class back into to a heated studio, since leaving for Munich 2 weeks ago. So it was 60 minutes of yoga (when I have been doing 30-40 lately), heat (when I have been practicing at a hotel), and a new teacher who didn't follow the same "rules" that I expect.

There was some resistance.

I just had a hard time adjusting to the pace, which was fast, and the sequence, which was not my usual. I hung in there, but definitely had some of those old emotions of getting angry at the teacher. Instead of actually getting angry, though, I just did my own thing. There was a point near the end of the class, where we had just finished doing Pigeon, and it stood to reason that the class would probably end with spinal twist and Savasana. But instead, she asked us to go back to hands and knees and do Cat/Cow. I was like "No. Cat/Cow does not go here. There will be no Cat/Cow here. We don't do that now, and it makes no sense, and I am not going to arbitrarily go into the 'Integration' phase in the last 45 seconds of class." After the non-sequitur Cat/Cow, she then had the class go to Savasana. I was already in Savasana, because I was a stinker and refused to do the Cat/Cow.

I know that I should let go of expectations, and just do what the teacher says.

But I'm sorry.

You just don't do Cat/Cow right before Savasana :)

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