15 September, 2014

A little less resistance

Today was home practice.

I was happy to practice in the "not heat" again, after a day off. It wasn't even particularly a chore to do it this time, and I felt pretty motivated to do a rather complete Baptiste sequence. Still it only totaled about 45 minutes. Not much to say, other than I am not sure why my hip flexors have been so tight lately. It's been very difficult to do Warrior I and Crescent Lunge for the last couple of months. It seems to have been progressively worse since having gone on my long trip to Europe, which probably means that I was not getting as deep into the poses as we normally do in the heated studio, and probably have not been consistently doing the poses that get deep in there.

Wondering how long it will take for my body to open again in those places where it has become tight.

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