28 September, 2014

22 Chaturangas and I'm not even joking

Today was vinyasa home practice with Ali Kamenova.

It's true that the title of this class was "Sun Salutations and Cardio" but I didn't know that this would involve doing 10 Sun A and 12 Sun B plus a bunch of absolutely over-the-top intense moves. But that's what it was. In fact, she said it would be 10 Sun B, but it seems that she lost count, since I was damn sure I'd done 7 of them, when she said "5 more to go." OK. So that's what's happening. I referred to this as 22 Chaturangas, but it was actually closer to 30, because there were additional ones that were not part of the Sun Salutations.

It was mostly doable, with the exception, for me, of the jumps that are sometimes called "Donkey Kicks." I don't do the donkeys. Really worked up a sweat, and it was definitely intense cardio.

Two days later, I am still feeling the effects of this weekend's video classes with Ali K. I think my next home practice will be a gentle one.

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