15 August, 2014

Mini inner battles

Today was home practice.

I really, really, really didn't feel like practicing today. And I knew that there was no reason why I should not, other than wanting my Friday night to begin. I went so far as to get into Child's Pose on the mat, and continue to ponder whether or not I was actually going to practice or get up and bail on it. But a voice in my mind finally spoke up, and said "You're already on your mat. Just do the practice." So I did.

Today I was recovering from a difficult Tina class yesterday, which was really a little more than I needed, and I decided that this practice would be very much focused on stretching, and staying close to the floor, no Chaturangas, very little serious weight bearing, and just get things to relax and open. And it was not that bad after all. I ended up doing about 35 minutes of that, followed by a Savasana long enough that I almost fell asleep, but not quite.

Glad I did it.

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