26 August, 2014

Made it, barely

Today was vinyasa with Carley.

After yesterday's 75 minute drive home, and the miserable fail at making it to a studio yoga class on time, I left work 10 minutes earlier today, figuring I'd beat the rush and actually make it to class. The traffic was just as bad, due to some highway closures, and I barely made it (but I made it).

I was looking forward to a long class, since it had been a long time since I have taken one. I was also looking forward to Carley's class, since I can't even venture a guess as to when the last time was that I took her class (June 10th, on inspection of the history). Interestingly, looking at my last entry from one of her classes, it would appear that I have many positive things to say about them, and that continues today, of course.

The energy in class today must have been a little bit dragging for everyone, and Carley sensed it, and went relatively easy on us, focusing more on grounding work, spending a lot of time in deeper stretches. At one point in the class, after standing balance poses, where the teacher will normally bring the class into Triangle and Pyramid, it was like something clicked in her mind regarding our energy level, and she brought us to the floor, doing half splits, and then pigeon and double pigeon (i did gomukhasana instead of the latter). It must have been obvious that we were all done standing.

In a couple of days, I will begin another 2 week stint of time zone shifts, long days, late nights, hotel yoga, and general state of external unbalance. I will do my best to keep centered. In fact, making a conscious effort to do better than usual, but I know it will still be a shift. So it's good to cherish these last couple of days where I can be guided by an expert voice through a safe and special practice.

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