14 August, 2014

Increasing intolerance for "fancy stuff"

Today was vinyasa with Tina at Be Luminous.

It was a pretty standard Tina class, though she mixed up the sequencing a little bit. There were a few spots where things got a little too fancy for my taste, and the intense part of the class stretched very close to being the entire class. This has, more and more, been triggering in me an "OK, enough!" feeling, because I sort of know when enough is enough.

So, when I felt like it was enough, I guess I backed off.

There are often poses near the end of the class, like shoulder stand, fish, table top... poses I don't really want to do. Maybe I should do them. Maybe I shouldn't. Who knows?

I don't know who I am cheating, if anyone, by deciding it's time for savasana. My guess is that no animals were harmed.

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